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Air Conditioning and Heating Services & Repairs

TOTAL AIR & HEAT repairs and provides services for air conditioning, residential heating and ventilation units. Our services range from basic repairs and maintenance to extensive repairs and replacements. Contact us to evaluate the air quality of your home through our AirAdvice IAQ Test. Using the results of the AirAdvice test, our specialist can work together to with you to select the best solution to keeping the air in your home clean and fresh. Looking to reduce your energy bill? We can help with that. Check out our Enalasys E-Scan.


When it’s time to upgrade to a more efficient HVAC, or your current system needs maintenance or repairs, you want someone you can trust. Let’s find the perfect solution together.


Our certified technicians take pride in their work to ensure your HVAC works consistantly and efficiently at your company for a fair price.

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